Dr. Rashna K. Staid, M.D. - "Dr. Sean Hurley is the gold standard in Chiropractic care. He is a very good diagnostician and offers patients multiple types of modalities depending on the patient's medical problem and preferences. Many of my patients have commented on how warm, empathetic and compassionate he is with his care, getting to know a whole patient. I strongly recommend him to my patients, friends, and family."



Dr. Sharon Fleischer, M.D. - "I have been a patient of Dr. Sean Hurley for over a year. I am a family practitioner with over 11 years experience . I first met Dr. Hurley for problems with my ankle and hip. I explained I was just starting to train for long distance running and he knew exactly what had gone wrong in my form and his first treatment gave me immediate relief. I was, to be honest, surprised at how good I felt. I continued for a short while, as his adjustments and therapy were so effective. "Dr Sean" has also treated my daughter, who was only 8 years old at the time in a compassionate and gentle fashion and made both of us feel comfortable in his hands. I have gained such confidence in the world of chiropractic care through my experiences with him that I don't hesitate to recommend treatments to my patients when they ask for my opinion."